Make sure you have the address of the domain WINS server in

wins server =

If that doesn't work try specifying the name of the domain controllers in

password server =

Also you may want to try specifying the name of a domain controller on the command line

net join -S name-of-domain-controller -UAdministrator%password

Also make sure you have

spnego = yes

to turn on smb signing which is required on a 2k3 domain.


Try to run smbtree with user root.Also try to run nmblookup \*.Can you see all shares?

I can join the domain by using the command:

# net ads join -U username -S

but can't join it by just using the command

# net join -U Administrator

My server is already showing up under the list of users under Domain users list. But if I try to see users or groups respectively using:

# wbinfo -u
# wbinfo -g

net ads join -Uadministrator

Do you have your /etc/resolv.conf entries pointed at your windows AD server?

wbinfo -u and wbinfo -g

# net ads join -U username -S